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Our Team


Current Research Assistants

 Jessana Akehurst Esli Chan Lifan Cheng
Kit, a white masculine person with white hair in a black velvet blazer, black jeans, and heavy black boots sits on a bench in front of a bright solid background. He is laughing at something out of the frame and his legs are crossed.
 Kit Chokly Haley Clarke-Cousineau Eléa Regembal 
Alex Strong-Saad Robin S. Turner Amélie Ducharme 

Alumni: Past Research Assistants 

 Hyeyoon Cho  Thai Hwang J  Kari Kuo 

 Sadie Couture  Sarah Nandi  Zoë Tolon
Jude Sexsmith Laine McCrory Jacob Williams

 Talia Pirsch Sydney Otoki Shannon Salick

 Amy Brant Edward  Hana Darling-Wolf   Dominique Grégoire

 Sophie Ogilvie-Hanson  Charlene A Lewis-Sutherland   Astrid Mohr

 Nina Morena  Mohammed Odusanya  Meera Raman

 Adi Sneg  Jacqueline Tam